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Kitchen Countertop Remodel

Have your kitchen countertop updated today for better resale. Have granite, Cambria quartz, backsplash installed professionally with 3cm thickness. LED under cabinet lighting needed also? No problem. We include everything you want in the price, new drain, garbage disposal, kitchen faucet and including the kitchen sink!

Kitchen Countertop Estimate, Find out what is REALLY included

Did you know when you get that attractive price from our competition or retail environments, removal, disposal and plumbing connections are NOT included in the price? Even if they scratch the walls during the countertop installation it will be your job to fix it. At ACR Kitchen and Bath, the pricing always includes everything from start to finish.

Some competitors with really great prices install 2cm or 1.5cm thick Kitchen countertops, or worse yet they will have a plywood filler with a thin layer of granite overtop. Don't be fooled and make sure you ask questions because when you go to change that lightbulb down the road and you kneel on the countertop it can snap and you will need todo it again.

At ACR kitchen and bath everything is included so you can be functioning in the fastest turn around possible and you don’t have to wait for the Plumber to show up to make the connection on his schedule.

Products Available: Granite, Quartz, Cambria Quartz, Kitchen Sink, Kitchen Faucet.

Options Available: Backsplash Available, New Flooring Install, Upgraded or Updated Cabinets, Under Cabinet Lighting.